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Selecting an Aircraft Management Company

When choosing an aircraft management company to take care of your needs, here are some things to keep in mind…

How long has the company been in business?

  • In an aviation services capacity?
  • As an air charter operator? (If you plan to add your aircraft to a charter certificate)
    • What is the Company Name and Certificate Number on the FAA commercial air carrier certificate?

How many aircraft does the company currently manage?

  • Manage Only
  • Manage & charter

How many pilots do they currently have?

What experience do their crews have?

  • What is the minimum flight times per pilot for hiring?
    • Captain
    • First Officer
  • Do they use FAA Part 142 training schools?
  • How often do the crews attend re-current training?
  • Is this training schedule above and beyond the minimum training requirements established by the FAA?

Safety and Security

  • What is their safety record?
    • Have they had any aircraft accidents or incidents?
    • If so, what measures have you implemented to ensure increased safety?
  • Have they been audited by an independent third-party organization (e.g., Wyvern, ARG/US)?
  • What were the audit findings?

Aircraft Maintenance

  • Who maintains their fleet?
  • Under which programs are the aircraft maintained (CAMP, AAIP, factory maintenance program, other program)?

Customer Service

  • Do the crews and other employees receive customer service training?
  • Is there someone available 24 hours/day, seven days/week for making or changing flight reservations?

Savings & Discounts Offered

  • Does the management company receive substantial fleet discounts management costs such as insurance, maintenance, parts, fuel, pilot training, etc.?
  • Discounts: What are the levels of discounts offered? Are they passed on 100% to the aircraft owner?