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Selecting a Charter Operator

Click here to view the NBAA Aircraft Charter Consumer Guide.

The following will help you in selecting a charter operator.

  1. Who is the FAA-certificated charter operator that will conduct your charter flight?
    1. What is the name and Certificate Number on the FAA commercial air carrier certificate?
  2. How long have you been in business:
    1. In aviation?
    2. As an air charter operator?
  3. What types of aircraft are on your charter certificate?
  4. How many aircraft and crew do you have?
  5. What experience does your crew have?
    1. How many flight hours total time?
      1. Captain
      2. First Officer
    2. How many hours in make/model of each aircraft? (e.g., what are your policies and procedures on crew pairing?)
    3. Do you use FAA Part 142 training schools?
    4. How often do your crews attend re-current training?
    5. Is this training schedule above and beyond the minimum training requirements established by the FAA?
  6. If special operations (e.g., mountain airports, extended over water) will be conducted, what experience (initial and recurrent) does the crew have with these operations?

Safety and Security

  1. What is your safety record?
    1. Have you had any aircraft accidents or incidents?
      1. If so, what measures have you implemented to ensure increased safety?
  2. Have you been audited by an independent third-party organization (e.g., Wyvern, ARG/US)

Aircraft Maintenance

  1. Who maintains the aircraft?
  2. Under which program is the aircraft maintained (CAMP, AAIP, factory maintenance program, other program)?
  3. How do you handle maintenance situations that, on occasion, might arise during a trip you have booked?

International Operations

  1. What experience do you have flying to/from/within other countries?
  2. What, if any, different safety and security measures do you implement when conducting operations to other countries?
  3. Will you assist with immigration and customs logistics, such as visas and customs forms?

Customer Service

  1. Do the crews and other employees receive customer service training?
  2. How soon prior to the scheduled flight will the aircraft be at the airport, ready for departure?
  3. Is there someone available 24 hours/day, seven days/week for reserving or changing charter reservations?

Aviation Insurance

  1. What company issues the aviation insurance policy?
    1. Is the operator you are dealing with the Named Insured on the policy?
    2. What are the insurance coverages and limits?