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Management Services Provided

Aircraft Management Services We Provide

Aircraft Scheduling Support

We handle the scheduling and trip planning for all owner and charter trips. This would include, but is not limited to, itinerary planning, crew scheduling, hotel arrangements for passengers and crew, ground transportation arrangements for passengers and crew, catering requests, FBO selection and notification, and aircraft and crew currency and compliance for each trip. Our goal for all of our clients and aircraft owners is to be the single point of contact for all their trip details.

Aircraft Base

We will base and hangar your aircraft at the airport of your desire. We will negotiate, on your behalf, crew office and storage space as necessary for the operation of your aircraft.

Operational Reporting

We will provide you with monthly reports showing owner usage of your aircraft and a detailed accounting of all aircraft related expenses. We will work with the responsible party at your company to ascertain the operational and cost information you require for the aircraft and provide monthly reporting on the requested information. Chantilly Air will pass through all costs to you with no additional markup, including but not limited to: fuel, maintenance, training, insurance, and hangar.


  • Fuel Discounts
    We will negotiate on your behalf a significant fuel discount at your home base. We have accounts with many major fuel brokers and also have very substantial discounts with many of our frequently used FBO’s. This purchasing power allows us to pass on our discounts to you for all charter and owner trips.At our home base of Manassas, VA (HEF) we offer our management clients a substantial discount on fuel. For current pricing, please call.
  • Fleet Insurance Discounts
    We have an established 12+ year working relationship with Marsh which offers us fleet discounts that we pass on to our aircraft management clients. Marsh is the number one broker in the world with aviation insurance specific employees around the world in excess of 250 aviation specialist agents/brokers. In the US, Marsh has 16 aviation specific units co-located with other Marsh offices. Chantilly Air is not only working with the number one broker in the world, but our underwriter, American International Group, Inc. (AIG), is the largest and number one insurance company in the world. We successfully completed an extensive onsite auditing and acceptance process for us to become insured by AIG. More information can be found at and
  • Flight Training Discounts
    Chantilly Air’s pilots attend simulator based training twice a year. We pride ourselves on our safety record and make it our number one priority.

Aircraft Crewing

We believe very strongly in hiring and retaining the highest qualified employees. Pilot turnover is very expensive and offering a complete benefits package is essential to pilot retention. We proudly provide our employees and their dependants with a very generous and comprehensive benefits package. Our company believes the investment we make in our employees has a direct correlation to our safety and success.

Maintenance Tracking and Support

Chantilly Air provides maintenance support 24/7 through our Part 145 Repair Station. We can accomplish your aircraft’s maintenance needs at our facility, saving crew costs, down time, and the cost of positioning the aircraft to offsite locations.

When your aircraft is in maintenance we will work with you to accommodate your travel needs.